Our Approach

The Pacific Coast Driving Academy for New Drivers believes that coaching students rather than simply giving instructions behind the wheel is the most effective way to impart the skills necessary for safe and responsible driving.

Our curriculum is based on International research and best practices from around the world that is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the California HTS. ( Highway Transportation System). Our comprehensive and holistic approach to driver training focuses on a broad range of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and risk factors to fully prepare students for the many demanding situations they will face on today’s congested roads. In addition to developing the core skills of vehicle operation, control and driving in traffic, specific training methods also highlight typical risk factors for novice drivers, including how each individual’s personality and lifestyle can influence their driving and personal safety.

Meet the Team

George Perez Owner/Instructor

George Perez
Operations Manager /
Driving Coach

Hello! Welcome to Pacific Coast Driving Academy! I am one of 9 siblings raised in Southern California my whole life. I’ve been involved in the field of education for over 20 years and was inspired into the field of Driver Safety by my late brother who had been a Senior DMV Examiner for many years. After working alongside some of the top driving instructors in the field. I was offered a position at Mercedes Benz Driving Academy based in Beverly Hills Ca., While there, I helped to pioneer the first driver training program of its kind. We used a coaching method in order to better equip new drivers to think for themselves and become independent safe drivers. The Coaching method proved to be very successful and highly favored by parents and teens all across Southern California. In 2015 Mercededs Benz discontinued its program.It was for this reason that I set my sites on recreating a training program that would benefit new drivers of all ages for generations to come.


Driving Coach

Eric has a passion for music and working with youth he was very active in the local music scene, whether it was playing in a ska band, dancing at post- shows, or managing his friends’ indie bands. He began mentoring high school students while attending the University of TN with an organization called Cru. This led him to work with underprivileged teenagers. From this work, Eric has learned patience and adaptability which are invaluable to his role as a Driving Coach. He loves watching students move from fear to confidence as they learn to drive. He is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at Biola University.

Coach Sarah

Driving Coach

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I enjoy being apart of the Pacific Coast Driving Academy because I get to help students with a monumental point in their lives while simultaneously teaching the importance of safety. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, nature hikes, and painting! Some of my paintings have even won awards in galleries!

About Our Driving Lessons

All of our lessons are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of every student. Our goal is to help you develop confidence and safe practices as a driver. With our holistic approach we can best assess every student’s particular needs and challenges.

Our Lessons Include:

Our approach involves students in the process at every step, allowing them to evaluate their performance and decide how they can improve the next time. This is a crucial differentiator with our approach as driving is all about critical decision making. In coaching, the student decides what to do instead of simply following instructions.

This approach is proven to help develop critical skills, build confidence, and ease the transition from student driver to solo driver.

A good driver is not someone who gets themselves out of a tricky situation, but rather someone that is experienced enough not to get themselves into that situation in the first place. Through our coaching approach and decision-making focused driving sessions we aim to create safer and more responsible drivers for life.

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