*If you are 18 years old then you are not legally required to take Driver Education or Driver Training.


Your contract starts from the day you enroll, not from the day you get your permit. Be sure to take your lessons within the specified amount of time. Do not let your contract expire. If you are unable to get your permit, call us before the expiration date so that we can give you an extension.

All packages must be paid in full and in advance of the 1st lesson otherwise discounts will not be applied.

All driving appointments made are confirmed on first call no matter which family member schedules the lesson. Driving lessons are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to communicate driving lesson appointments with family members.

If you cannot give us a 48 hour cancellation notice, you will be responsible for cancellation fee.

All questions must be directed to the office. Driver coaches will refer you back to the office unless the question is about the student’s lesson performance.

For specific lesson performance questions, please make sure that you contact us as soon as possible after the lesson.

The student may be in the company car when purchasing gasoline. This will be part of the lesson and we will teach the students how to properly fuel the vehicle.

If we are late picking up the student, the student will get the full 2 hours driving from pick up time.

No one is allowed in our vehicles during driving lessons except for the students and coaches.

We teach students defensive driving. Their ability to learn within the six (6) hour period may vary depending on the student’s abilities. The DMV requires any minors taking the driving test to complete a minimum of 50 hours of driving before they can take the test. We urge parents to practice as much as possible with their children. See the DMV issued Parent-Teen Training Guide (Click Resources) for reference.

Safety first, always! Therefore, freeway driving is not mandatory and is left to the coaches discretion.

Students/Parents/Guardians/Customers are responsible for any damage or graffiti caused by students, to our vehicles or property.

No refunds for any used lessons.

No refunds for the drive test package.

Requirements for obtaining a permit or driver license are subject to change. For the latest requirements in attaining a permit or license, please visit the DMV website at: www.DMV.CA.Gov

During our busier times, our first availability could be two weeks or more.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

For the safety and security of the students, coaches and others, there may or may not be video surveillance at the driving school and in company vehicles.

Two hours of continual driving is a long time for any new driver to be on the road. For this reason, we may take up to 10 minutes to allow the student and coach to get some relief and clear their heads so that they can continue to learn to drive safely.


..for each remaining lesson(s) that is/are not completed within contractual time.

..if you do not have your permit at the time of pickup. It is illegal to drive without it.

..if you do not give the school a 48-hour prior notice to change, cancel, or reschedule your appointment. If you are ill, a doctor’s note is required to waive the fee.

Do not let your contract expire. If you’re UNABLE to get your permit, call us before the contract expiration date so we may give you an extension.


Orders cancelled within the first two weeks will have a $25 processing fee.


Each lesson are two hours unless you have purchased a single hour lesson.

*YOU WILL BE CHARGED $25.00 fee For any duplicate certificate:

DL 400B: Certificate of Completion of Drivers Education.

DL 400C Certificate of Completion of Non-Classroom Drivers Education.

OL 238: Certificate of Completion of PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY Driver Training. Do not lose the certificates we issue you. Do not let DMV keep them.

DRIVER TRAINING FEES: I understand and agree that if I do not pay the discounted package fee in advance, I must pay for each driving lesson at full price. I further understand and agree that any and all purchases are non-refundable, except upon written request for early cancellation submitted no later than two weeks after signup. I am aware that I must pay a penalty of $75.00 for early cancellation as well as the full price for services, if any lessons were provided by PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY before cancellation. I am aware that I must pay a penalty of $25.00 for a mistaken online sign-up that must be cancelled within the same day.

CONTRACT EXPIRATION: I am aware that this contract expires in TEN MONTHS if I enrolled in Driver Training only. I understand and agree that I must pay a penalty of $75.00 for each driving lesson scheduled after contract expiration.

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: Will be met with a $75.00 fee plus any legal fees required to collect payment.

LEARNER’S PERMIT: I am aware that it is illegal to take driving lessons without the proper learner’s permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Therefore, I agree that if I fail to bring my learner’s permit with me to any driving lesson, that lesson will be rescheduled and I will be charged a rescheduling fee of $75.00.

48 HOUR NOTICE: I understand that I must give a 48 hour notice to PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY to reschedule or cancel any driving lesson, and that I must pay a fee of $75.00 for failure to do so. I also understand and agree that all rescheduling and cancellations must be arranged with the administrative office of PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY or Driving Coach.

SCHEDULE EXCHANGES: I am aware that PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY not only allows, but encourages students to exchange scheduled driving lessons with other students.

FREEWAY DRIVING: The Department of Motor Vehicles does not require that Driver Training courses include driving on the freeway. I am aware that PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY adheres to a strict policy of safety first. Therefore, I understand and agree that coaches have sole discretion to whether any lesson will include driving on the freeway.

DRIVING TEST FEES: I understand and agree that there is an additional fee for each driving test that I take and that there are no refunds for repeated tests. I further understand and agree that it is my responsibility to present proof (certificates), that I have had at least six hours of Driver Training to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

STUDENT/PARENT/GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITY: The student/parent/guardian understands and agrees that they are responsible for damages, including collisions that occur during drive tests while the student is in complete control of the vehicle WITHOUT a PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY coach. The student/parent/guardian further understands and agrees that they are responsible for any damage, including graffiti, caused by the student to the driving school facilities/vehicles. The student/parent/guardian understands and agrees that the driving school is not responsible for personal belongings left by the student in its facilities or vehicles.

SEXUAL HARRASMENT: I am aware that PACIFIC COAST DRIVING ACADEMY is committed to providing an environment free from discriminatory practices. Sexual harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual Harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature or of a hostile nature. I understand that if I engage in sexual harassment directed at other students or at coaches, I may be subjected to discipline, up to and including expulsion. I further understand that all students and all coaches are required to report any sexual harassment by or of students. ARBITRATION: I agree that any dispute arising out of this contract shall be resolved by binding arbitration if it has not previously been resolved by mediation or other dispute resolution procedure. I understand this includes any claims which I may make under the California Vehicle Code, the California Code of Regulations, the Education Code, or the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and various other state and federal laws.

ATTENTION: Any customer who signs up agrees to all terms and conditions as explained in this contract.