Core Driving Skills
6 hours (Minimum Requirement)


The Core driving Skills establishes a strong foundation in the operation and handling of a motor vehicle, including but not limited to instrument controls, proper steering control, speed control, distance judgment, timing, and lane positioning.

This is your foundation of driving and it includes but is not limited to the following:

General Evaluation

First assessment of individuals personal needs and learning abilities, and the introduction to operating a motor vehicle.

Establishing Safe Habits

For steering control, speed control and lane positioning with a series of various techniques and exercises to help you operate a motor vehicle with excellent precision and timing.

Establishing Safe Scanning Practices

Our scanning exercises will help the new driver develop the proper muscle memory and motor skills in order to predict and execute in the most effect ways through the OVS system ( Orderly Visual Search).

Introduction to Multi Lanes and Major Streets.

This third session establishes safe driving practices while maneuvering through multiple lanes, including major turns, lane changes, merging and navigating through various unprotected and protected intersections and more.

Parent Teen Driving Practice

After completing the Core Driving Skills parents are encouraged to practice with their teens in order to help develop their reaction time and muscle memory for steering control, speed control and scanning. DMV requires a minimum of 50 hours of drive time.


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